Seed to Harvest

2023 investment trends I am focusing on | Seed To Harvest Ep56

March 27, 2023 Paige Finn Doherty Episode 56
Seed to Harvest
2023 investment trends I am focusing on | Seed To Harvest Ep56
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Today I'm going to talk about our portfolio at Behind Genius Ventures and some of the industry trends in 2023 and beyond. I am one of the youngest fund managers in the world. I founded Behind Genius Ventures in 2021. Our debut fund was $5 million and we invest in pre-seed and seed stage companies building within the future of work and the future of play. The topics we will be talking about today are companies building within generative ai, creators as a business, the loneliness epidemic, the conscious consumer, and the democratization of access.

Seed to Harvest is a podcast focused on stories & tactics from a diverse array of investors, founders, and creators, hosted by Paige Finn Doherty, a founding partner at Behind Genius Ventures and author of Seed to Harvest, an illustrated children's book for adults.

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00:00 Welcome to Seed To Harvest: Paige Doherty
05:54 No stranger to social media
10:51 gaming companies BGV invested in
14:34 conscious consumer companies BGV invested in
17:17 intro to Roots Homes

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