Seed to Harvest

memes & millions: story time with paige | Ep62

May 15, 2023 Paige Finn Doherty Episode 62
Seed to Harvest
memes & millions: story time with paige | Ep62
Show Notes

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about how memes on Twitter led me to manage millions of dollars. Through my journey with memes on Twitter, I feel that as I've gotten more comfortable as a venture firm manager and running my business, I'm starting to realize the magic of what I do is that I am informal and do not take things too seriously. Although I have very strong investment principles that have been developed through my experience backing CEOs in our portfolio, the thing that makes me unique is the energy that I bring to the work.

Seed to Harvest is a podcast focused on stories & tactics from a diverse array of investors, founders, and creators, hosted by Paige Finn Doherty, a founding partner at Behind Genius Ventures and author of Seed to Harvest, an illustrated children's book for adults.

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00:00 Welcome to Seed To Harvest: Paige Doherty
04:23 my viral tweet
05:26 discovering my passion for venture
09:33 understanding general solicitation
13:33 building a billion dollar firm
15:39 BGV annual meeting

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