Seed to Harvest

answering founder fundraising FAQs | Ep 78

October 23, 2023 Paige Finn Doherty Episode 78
Seed to Harvest
answering founder fundraising FAQs | Ep 78
Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we're diving deep into the world of venture capital and pitch deck mastery. Over the last three years, I've assessed thousands of pitch decks and made 39 investments at the pre-seed and seed stage. Today’s episode features a candid discussion with a close friend about the nuances of raising venture capital as an early-stage founder. We'll take a close look at what happens when you tear down a pitch deck, dispelling misconceptions about raising venture financing. Additionally, we will focus on the power of narrative and the art of crafting a captivating pitch deck.

Seed to Harvest is a podcast focused on stories & tactics from a diverse array of investors, founders, and creators, hosted by Paige Finn Doherty, a founding partner at Behind Genius Ventures and author of Seed to Harvest, an illustrated children's book for adults.

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00:00 Welcome to Seed To Harvest: Paige Doherty
02:19 how was it to do a pitch deck teardown?
03:23 how do you shape the narrative of your company?
04:24 how to frame the problem solution set when pitching
06:15 what helps make the case for why a founder is important?
08:17 which parts of the deck you should index on?
10:28 what is the correct sequence of the order of information in a deck?
13:13 how do you show that you're solving a problem?
16:58 what types of questions should be asked in user interviews?
19:10 what do you accentuate on in a pitch deck?
21:07 what deck types resonate with VCs the most?
23:38 leveraging a user journey to describe the problem you’re solving
24:59 how to share your company story?
27:45 how to fundraise with no existing network
28:42 when to set up pitches as a VC
29:28 when do you bring up your deck?

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