Seed to Harvest

blending artistry into investment strategy with The Magic Grid | Ep 79

November 20, 2023 Paige Finn Doherty Episode 79
Seed to Harvest
blending artistry into investment strategy with The Magic Grid | Ep 79
Show Notes

In today’s podcast, I talk about returning from an amazing two-week trip to Guatemala with my mom, thanks to Local Hope and Art Ambassadors for a Colorful World. During the trip, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to art classes, witness a breathtaking sunrise hike in Tikal, and visit a fascinating ceramic studio by Lake Atitlan. These experiences not only reignited my passion for writing but also introduced me to The Magic Grid, a unique painting approach by Kevin Macpherson. I'm currently contemplating how its principles can be applied to my investing frameworks, a challenge that has opened up a whole new perspective on decision-making. In future episodes, I'll delve into the challenges and rewards of using The Magic Grid in painting and explore its potential in shaping my investment philosophy. As I reflect on this journey, I can't help but look forward to what's next.

Seed to Harvest is a podcast focused on stories & tactics from a diverse array of investors, founders, and creators, hosted by Paige Finn Doherty, a founding partner at Behind Genius Ventures and author of Seed to Harvest, an illustrated children's book for adults.

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00:00 Welcome to Seed To Harvest: Paige Doherty
00:20 reflections from Guatemala
01:10 highlights of Guatemala
01:35 refinding my love for writing
02:11 what is The Magic Grid?
05:02 redefining language in investing frameworks
05:55 how will I use the grid in my own investing practice?

Show notes:
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